California is still in a drought and the weeds are much higher

this year than last. Please remember .......

...and it would be wise to begin protecting your home
and property even earlier!



Homeowners asked to prepare earlier
due to increased fire activity

By Tehachapi News
Drought conditions lead to early need of Defensible Space around homes State fire officials are calling for homeowners to be award that drought conditions make it important to do brush clearance earlier than usual.

In just the first three weeks of January, CAL FIRE has already responded to a significant increase in wildfires this winter due to the extremely dry conditions. As a result, CAL FIRE officials are reminding residents to ensure they are maintaining 100 feet of Defensible Space; a reminder that comes several months earlier than normal.

"We are experiencing conditions right now that we would usually see in August," said Chief Ken Pimlott, CAL FIRE director. "In Southern California we never really transitioned out of fire season and in Northern California we are already in the process of hiring additional seasonal firefighters to augment our permanent firefighters who have been staffing extra fire equipment this winter. We have increased our personnel and now we need the public to make sure they, too, are prepared for early fire season conditions."

Here are some tips to creating Defensible Space:
* Maintain 100 feet of Defensible Space around all structures.
* Clear all needles and leaves from roofs, eaves and rain gutters.
* Trim branches six feet from the ground.
* Landscape with fire resistant / drought tolerant plants, that require little water
* Remove branches away from roofs and 10 feet from the chimney.
* Use trimming, mowing and powered equipment before 10 a.m., and not on hot, windy days.
* Keep wood piles and flammable materials at least 30 feet from the home.